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How to gain points for problem solving without solving the problem


1. Communicate about the problem immediately

It doesn’t matter who found out about the problem, or who started working on it first. Your managers will remember who told them about it first. Skaityti toliau


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Looking at this graph, I am now realizing that there are two opposite ways to interpret it.

Many will say “It means, let’s promise more, and we will achieve more“. That is not what I meant. My idea is that the right side of the graph is the bad side. It IS a failure.Why? Because that gap between “promised“ and “achieved“ is expensive:

  • wasted time and money due to inaccurate planning
  • poor discipline, as underdelivering becomes a norm
  • additional external communication is needed to explain the gap and restore the trust

EVEN if overpromising leads to higher achievement (which I am not sure of), it does not compensate for the cost of the gap.

And it only works short term, anyway.

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